Introducing the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines

The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines is a unique, interdisciplinary organization dedicated to meeting the needs of their membership with clinical solutions via an interdisciplinary paradigm. Providing cutting-edge, evidence-based sleep disorders knowledge is their goal, along with enhancing their members’ treatment knowledge and clinical performance through the field’s only step-by-step online and on-demand credentialing process.  Through this process, all clinicians can earn a rigorous credential that attests to their level of expertise in sleep medicine.

The ACSDD is structured differently from other academies, so they can deliver differently. They answer only to their members, not to a board of directors. Unlike other organizations, they are not pressured by agendas, politics, or special interests.  By choosing to affiliate with the ACSDD, you can be assured that every credential you earn and every online or in-person educational course you take was developed with one thing in mind: your practice’s success.


Step 1:The ACSDD Academic Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine (Update 2016)

The first step in Dental Sleep Medicine Credentialing for the Dentist.  The Academic Certificate is designed for the Dentist wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the medical and dental aspects of sleep medicine as well as chair-side experience implementing Dental Sleep Medicine into practice.

Completion of this approximately 4-month, 13 CE Certificate will make the dentist a qualified professional who can effectively treat patients suffering from sleep-related breathing disorders.


Step 2:ACSDD Fellow and Diplomate

The next step in Dental Sleep Medicine Credentialing for the Dentist.  Fellow and Diplomate status are designed for Dentist who has completed the Academic Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine (Update 2016), and can demonstrate a thorough clinical understanding of Dental Sleep Medicine and TMJ-related disorders.  Information on Fellow and Diplomate can be found on the ACSDD website at

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