Sleep Dentist Education and Training

Sleep Apnea Education and Training

We offer two levels of education and training for our clients.  With your enrollment in our network, we will provide initial training for your staff via online live webinars that will educate your team on Sleep Apnea as well as the paperwork, procedures and protocols for handling these cases.  In adidition, you and your team will have access to nearly 5 hours of on demand video training and your lead dentist will recieve 5 CE's once viewing all of the videos is complete.

The entire dental staff is trained about the risk of sleep apnea, screening protocols, home sleep tests and appropriate therapies via live webinars. Trainings are scheduled at the convenience of each office.

For those dentists that are looking to formalize their training, we offer a certification program, in partnership with the ACSDD.  This program is offered at a $200 discount when purchased through us, and in addition, a $200 credit will be applied to the purchase of your enrollment in our Network.  This credit never expires and is available whether you enroll at the same time or down the road, once you have received your certification. Designed specifically to be a comprehensive sleep apnea education and training program, our Sleep Optima dentists can become certified in dental sleep medicine without even leaving their office! In addition, our online courses provide dentists 13 hours of continuing education credit.

You can learn more about the ACSDD Academic Certificate, or to purchase the course now and you will received your login credentials within 24 hours of registration.

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