Dental Sleep Medicine - A Revenue Opportunity

Dental Sleep Medicine - A Revenue Opportunity for Today’s Dental Practice

Thanks to the Great Recession, today’s dentists are in an entirely new situation. With an underwhelming economic recovery, and a federal survey showing the median family net worth dropping 40% from 2007 to 2010, dental practices are fighting alongside every other business to keep their heads above water. 

Considering all the recent changes - consumer purchasing habits, the opening of many new dental schools, the expansion of national corporate dental centers, dentists practicing 8 to 10 years longer instead of retiring, the decrease in dental insurance reimbursement rates – running a dental practice no longer guarantees an excellent living. 

The time has passed when dentists can simply provide excellent patient care and expect to sustain consistent growth. In the new economy, dentists must find ways to differentiate and take advantage of new opportunities to expand and grow their dental practice while maintaining a high level of patient care. 

Dental sleep medicine is the perfect solution. This valuable service not only adds a new revenue stream for dental practices, but it enhances and expands the level of care and services that a successful practice is able to provide for its patients. 

Dental sleep medicine and the treatment of sleep disorders is one of the fastest growing fields of medicine. Research and recent developments of the home sleep test put dentists right at the forefront. Dentists have a unique opportunity to grow their dental practice by branching out of traditional dentistry to positively impact the lives of their patients while the new revenue stream creates a much needed economic benefit to the dental practice

Sleep Optima’s dental sleep network is designed to help dentists successfully incorporate dental sleep medicine into their practice. The comprehensive services provided by Sleep Optima enable dentists to develop a complete customizable dental sleep program that includes continuing education, training and ongoing support to be efficient and successful. 

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