Economics and Dental Appliance Costs

Economics and Dental Appliance Costs

We Keep it Simple:

  • We have a one time enrollment fee of $3,500 (No monthly or annual fees)
  • We charge 7.5% of a SUCCESSFUL claim submission.  If you do not get paid we do not get paid.
    • Once you or your patient receives a check from the payor we will then invoice you our fee.
    • There are NO fees to submit a claim.
    • Our fee is NOT based on your billed amount, but rather the insurance portion only!
  • Note: A $15.00 administrative fee to verify patient medical benefits applies. (fee is per patient not per phone call)

Most practices will profit after their second case, please see the profit margin break down below:

Profit based on number of appliances per year:


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Sleep Optima Dental Network, LLC. is introducing a fresh approach to increasing revenues in dental practices. Our program is designed to provide the practitioner a thorough knowledge of sleep, sleep apnea and the treatment of sleep disordered breathing with custom-made mandibular repositioning devices.

Sleep Optima’s services provide dental practices with an additional revenue stream by enabling them to tap into Dental Sleep Medicine -- one of the fastest growing dental markets!

There are a multitude of FDA approved Oral Appliances on the market for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Dentists within Sleep Optima's network are assisted in determining the appliance best suited to their practice.

Dental sleep medicine provides higher profits. The average out of pocket cost for an oral appliance can range from $150-$650. We assist in selecting the appropriate dental appliance and fee structure based on geographic, and patient demographics. Our dentists typically charge between $1,000-$5,000 for an appliance, providing for very favorable profit margins.

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