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Sleep Optima ~ Dental Sleep Network
  Sleep Optima ~ Dental Sleep Network
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Welcome to Sleep Optima: Sleep Apnea Solutions

Sleep Optima’s system was developed in collaboration with dentists to provide a comprehensive dental sleep medicine program within an existing practice. We provide the dentist and their staff training on the knowledge of sleep apnea, and the treatment of sleep disruptive breathing with custom-made mandibular repositioning devices. This is accomplished though proven protocols, patient educational materials, diagnostic home sleep testing, as well as, medical billing insurance services. The diagnosis is made by state-licensed, board certified sleep specialists utilizing the data from the Home Sleep Testing device. Our medical billing insurance services include verification of benefits, preauthorizations, case submissions and denial management.

Sleep Optima is a single resource dedicated to growing a dental practice’s oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea treatment. Dentists and their staff are taught how to screen and educate the 20-50% of their adult patients who are at risk for sleep disturbed breathing. Additionally, we provide proven protocols to ensure each patient is properly screened, diagnosed and presented with the appropriate treatment options following American Academy of Sleep Medicine guidelines.

The result is peace of mind for dentists and their patients, knowing that Sleep Optima is coordinating with the patient’s primary care physician and a board certified sleep specialist to ensure proper diagnosis medical care.