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Welcome to Sleep Optima: Sleep Apnea Solutions

Sleep Optima’s system was developed in collaboration with dentists to provide a comprehensive dental sleep medicine program within an existing practice. We provide the dentist and their staff training on the knowledge of sleep apnea, and the treatment of sleep disruptive breathing with custom-made mandibular repositioning devices. This is accomplished though proven protocols, patient educational materials, diagnostic home sleep testing, as well as, medical billing insurance services. The diagnosis is made by state-licensed, board certified sleep specialists utilizing the data from the Home Sleep Testing device. Our medical billing insurance services include verification of benefits, preauthorizations, case submissions and denial management.

Sleep Optima is a single resource dedicated to growing a dental practice’s oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea treatment. Dentists and their staff are taught how to screen and educate the 10-20% of their adult patients who are at risk for sleep disturbed breathing. Additionally, we provide proven protocols to ensure each patient is properly screened, diagnosed and presented with the appropriate treatment options following American Academy of Sleep Medicine guidelines.

The result is peace of mind for dentists and their patients, knowing that Sleep Optima is coordinating with the patient’s primary care physician and a board certified sleep specialist to ensure proper diagnosis and medical care.


A Better Way to Implement Dental Sleep Medicine.

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What We Do For You


  • Handle all verification of benefits, pre-auths, pre-d’s, even Gap Waivers
  • All medical claims processing, denial management and appeals (no per claim fees!)
  • Handle all medical claims, not just sleep (TMD, surgery, implants, accidents)
  • Handle all required payer database enrollments
  • Education & Training for your team members
  • Access to 5 hours of on-demand video training (and 5 CE’s upon completion)
  • Intake & Medically accepted screening forms
  • Access to Home Sleep Testing Services (Cyber visit platform connecting Sleep Docs to your patients)
  • Educational brochures for your waiting room
  • Patient Education Videos
  • FREE listing on – our online directory of dentists in our Network

Our Online Screening Tool

Introducing the Sleep Optima Online Screening Tool & Patient Management System!

With the ADA’s announcement in October 0f 2017 and first ever official position on Sleep Dentistry, that all dental practices should at least screen their patients for sleep apnea, we have created an easy to use, online sleep apnea screening tool, that allows you to manage your patients and if you chose not to treat, easily refer your patient to the practice of your choice or to a dentist in our Network. Schedule your demo today!

“Sleep Dentistry is a complex and serious field that simply cannot be perfected in a weekend session or by purchasing a software package.”

~ Dr. Adams

Our Directors

While the depth and breadth of our Sleep Apnea knowledge and experience is vast, we don’t know everything. We rely on two incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable directors to serve our practices. We have both a dental and medical director to advise us and our clients on proper medical procedures and dental clinical processes. It’s unusual for “just a sleep apnea billing company” to have these types of resources, let alone to have the two we have.

Our Dental Director

Dr. John T. Herald, DDS

Dr. Herald graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 1977 and has been treating sleep disturbances and related dental/medical problems with oral appliances since 1982. Most recently, his own sleep appliance has been approved by the FDA. He has lectured nationally and internationally on sleep-related pain and neuromuscular dysfunction. He is a founding member of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines. Additionally, Dr. Herald spent 18 years studying myofascial pain & sleep disorders with Dr. Janet Travell.

Our Medical Director

Dr. Joseph A. Golish, MD D’ABSM, FAASM, FCCP, FACP

Dr. Golish is a board-certified specialist in sleep medicine and author of more than 300 publications on sleep. He is a past member of the Sleep Steering Committee for the ACCP. For 35 years he served as Professor at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus and Head of Sleep Medicine. He was also Professor of Medicine for Ohio State University College of Medicine & Pennsylvania State University. He is currently Professor Of Sleep Medicine at Case-Western Reserve University Medical School & Staff Physician at the Metrohealth Sleep center.